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Be Aware of the Features of Low duty Pallet Tipper

By using pallet tippers, it is possible to position any product in a horizontal or vertical position for storage or any other use. However, before buying any pallet tippers, you must know the following:

  • You must know the weight and size of the object.
  • Whether the object fits within the capacity of the machine
  • What would be the ideal discharge height and load height
  • What type of equipment will be used for loading and unloading?

A few features of a pallet tipper offered by Top Industries include:

  1. Function
  • Safely tip coils, reels, rolls, or boxes for shipping, storage or in plant use.
  • Rotate the product within a radius of 90⁰ to change the vertical/horizontal orientation required for shipping or production.
  1. Operation
  • Push-button control pendant for up and down
  • 4 different types of designs with multiple capacities
  1. Safety
  • CB valves with Line-mounted for holding a basket in place
  • Maintenance locks
  • Light curtains and Perimeter fencing are available

The functions of a pallet inverter

The pallet inverter is meant for changing products from any old pallet to certain new pallets for many reasons.

The pallet exchange operation is done in several ways. Among them, manual operation is also often preferred. Obviously, that will turn out to be the slowest and the least precise operation.

Low-duty pallet tippers

They offer a huge advantage in decreasing the manual labour of shipping and distribution warehouse operations.

Industrial experts of the suppliers can help you look for what exactly you want in a pallet tipping machine that is highly efficient and workable for your warehouse.

They will start by analyzing your present warehouse layout to determine the most beneficial place your pallet tipper as well as other kinds of industrial equipments you need to uses.

Additionally to the widespread choice of low-duty pallet tipper equipment models, the supplier can also provide special-order specifically modified and designed to help fulfil your needs. Some of these options are:

  1. Conveyor

Automating the process of your roll handling can increase throughput with:

  • Reduced handling
  • Fewer product damages
  • More revenues are added to your bottom line.

Infeed conveyor index will roll into the tipper directly before being deflected to the side to remove using an overhead hook. Rolls are positioned onto a pallet and then released onto a conveyor belt for banding when the product is finished.

  1. Ball/ Rollers transfer

The step stools, rolling ladders, and work platforms can be eliminated which can cause overexertion while palletizing tall light loads above the head.

A pallet tipper will allow a single worker to position all onto the flat table of each box and then tip the whole pack onto a pallet.

  1. V cradle

A V- cradle can stabilize the roll and restrict movement while tipping. The cradles are deep, shallow, or built for the specific roll size. Powered or gravity versions are now available to un-pinch your product from the pallet to easily remove it from ground level.

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