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Competitor analysis with location data

How Manufacturing Facilities Use Geolocation Data Solutions

Real-time location systems have been around for decades now. These systems can instantly locate and provide the exact location of an object or person. They have been highly effective for unique business challenges as they offer asset positioning and tracking capabilities for facilities.

Identifying the precise location of equipment or goods is necessary for manufacturing facilities. Whether it’s inventory, tools, machines, vehicles, or even employees, facilities can benefit from knowing the location of all assets and monitoring those locations. Plus, with time, these systems have also improved.

Now many real-time location systems also allow facilities to use real-time location to tackle certain challenges. For example, manufacturing companies can use location intelligence analytics to select the best sites for their facility. They can also use real-time locations for supply chain mapping to spot hold-ups or any errors during the production processes.

In the manufacturing industry, real-time location-based solutions have become increasingly important. They have the power to identify and address different problems based on the signals being received about a certain location. Let’s discuss how PREDIK Data-Driven’s location data solutions can help out manufacturing facilities.

Using Location Data Analysis for Site Selection

Using location intelligence analytics, manufacturing businesses can now use location analytics solutions for location-specific problems. When it comes to site selection, real-time location data can help manufacturing companies find the best locations for their next facility.

They can predict the supply chain patterns for a particular area and how easy it would be for a vendor or supplier to deliver in a certain location. Companies can also gather real-time location data about their competitors in that location so they can decide whether or not to start a facility in that area.

manufacturing facility for steel

Understanding a location better based on real-time data will also help manufacturing companies analyze the movements within different points in an area. They can manage their operations better and find a site that offers them access to as many suppliers as possible.

They can also thoroughly evaluate the movement patterns between different stores and facilities in an area. This comparative analysis helps in developing internal and external (competitive) benchmarks. The performance indicators gathered from this real-time data will allow for better mobility when choosing the location for a manufacturing facility.

Real-time data for manufacturing facility

How Location Data Analysis Helps Indoor Positioning

Real-time location systems are used by manufacturing facilities in a variety of ways. When it comes to indoor positioning, it helps them manage their production processes and eliminate all guesswork by utilizing the exact location data.

Using precise locations, manufacturing facilities can optimize their production process. When they find the specific locations for different steps during the production process, they can figure out which zone is slow and where the system needs more development.

Real-time location data also helps find the correct location and information about people, goods, and tools. This helps save time and improves work efficiency. Indoor positioning using real-time location also helps with the safety and security of all labor inside a facility.

Floor or production managers can ensure that there are enough people at work and in certain zones inside the facility. Forklift accidents are very common in manufacturing facilities. Around 95 people are injured in forklift accidents every day. This technology also helps reduce workplace accidents as people can know where certain forklifts or huge machinery are being used.

Using Real-Time Location To Unveil A Facility’s DNA

Manufacturing facilities can also use an innovative approach toward real-time location systems. Geolocation and big data allow for solutions that use real-time location data for detecting, measuring, and understanding the connections between different facilities or companies in an industry.

Along with using this real-time, location-based relationship data to understand the potential of their facility in an area, manufacturing businesses can also identify and analyze unknown business relationships between vendors, suppliers, and customers.

They can learn about other facilities in the area others are buying from. This means finding out which companies your competitor facilities are selling to and who your current customers are doing business with. If a certain facility is doing business with your current customer, you can also look for ways to increase your market share.

With data collection, you can find the target facilities for your business. Next, you can use geolocation to perform an in-depth analysis of all nearby facilities. And lastly, using a big data analytics company’s database, you can learn more about the connections or business relations between different companies and facilities.

How PREDIK-Data Driven Can Help

If you own a manufacturing facility or want to open one in a new location soon, you can check out PREDIK Data-Driven. They are a big data analytics company and research firm based in the US with customers in different regions of the world. With their help, manufacturing facilities can find real-time, location-based data science solutions.

From location intelligence analytics, geolocation for unveiling a facility’s DNA, and competitive intelligence to site selection analytics and supply chain mapping, they offer a variety of advanced solutions for various industries.

Reach out to them or request a demo today.

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