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Why Wholesale Import from China is Beneficial?

China outperforms other countries in terms of pricing, skill pool, and workforce maturity as a complete supply chain solution. A China wholesale approach makes good economic sense for a number of reasons, but the dependability of working with Chinese factories should inspire you to start off on the right foot.

For your company, importing inexpensive goods from places like China can be quite beneficial. Those who are unfamiliar with China sourcing may find it to be dangerous and confusing. However, those who are familiar with it understand that it can be relatively simple.

Always keep shipping expenses in mind whether you are starting or have already begun a wholesale China business. The wholesale cost of an item you are trying to import from China might be $1, but the freight costs might be $10.

Therefore, instead of paying $1 for each item, you are actually paying $11. Paying more for shipping than the actual product is not a wise business decision.

The following are a few steps to follow if you want to tap the good wholesale source from China effectively.

Get your wholesale license

A wholesale licence might not be required for the goods you want to buy from China. So why should you submit a request?  

Every state has a sales tax, and you will never like to pay taxes on your purchases both at the manufacturer and at the point of sale to local customers.

You can purchase from any good wholesale source from China in large quantities with the purpose of reselling them without paying taxes if you have a wholesale licence. You may also need a sales tax licence for your company.

Find the right China wholesale suppliers

The most important part of your setting up a certain China wholesale business will be to find the good wholesale source from China.

You may either board the next trip to China and begin searching for the correct manufacturers and suppliers or do another best thing, which will be locating a reliable and trustworthy sourcing agency in China.

A good China sourcing agent must be:

    • Fluent in both English and Mandarin  
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the business culture of China   
  • Has extensive experience and knowledge in handling Chinese suppliers
  • Experienced in quality control
  • Experienced in audit and logistics

Negotiate price correctly

Too much price negotiation after determining your margins could be detrimental for the following reasons:

  • Being reasonable with your supplier is vital since, ideally, you will continue to operate your business for as long as they do.
  • You must be aware that the price may not exactly match the quote. Due to fluctuating raw material costs, additional taxes, and other cost factors, suppliers do set time constraints on their rates.
  • Sooner than later, Chinese supplier will know how much profit you are earning. 

Know what are you buying when you request for a sample

The sample serves as evidence of the manufacturer’s competence. To find out, which factory best balances price and quality, request samples from each manufacturer on your shortlist.

  • You must ensure product compliance

Regarding patent, trademark, and product safety, you are liable. Check for patent issues, look into safety risks, and make sure your product complies with all applicable intellectual property laws and other rules in the place of sale depending on the product you are selling in the US or EU.

  • Stay involved in your quality control process

You should be confident that you will receive what you paid for. To avoid any disappointments, consider the following few tips:

  • Provide clear specifications
  • Ask the manufacturer in case they have any questions
  • Either send your quality team or hire any third-party quality inspection team.

Utilizing a sample selecting service to assess product quality might make all the difference when importing difficult goods from abroad.

It can be reassuring to know that things can be physically inspected to ensure that everything is in order.

These inspections can be carried out in a variety of methods, and the kind of sampling used relies on the products and other elements. 

Among the techniques used to test the quality of products are some of the followings:

  • AQL inspection
  • Incoming quality control
  • Continuous sampling
  • Other types.

Know various pros and cons of different methods of payment

When it comes to selecting the payment method(s) for suppliers, you have a lot of flexibility.

When you work with a supplier on Alibaba, you receive a Trade Assurance that reduces risk by promising a refund in the event that the supplier does not adhere to the conditions of the order contract, such as: 

  • Delivery delays
  • Quality and quantity discrepancies
  • Any other issues related to your order processing 

You are entitled to a refund if your order does not arrive on time as promised in accordance with the conditions of your contract. However, not all providers will accept Trade Assurance, so use caution.

A few tips for your wholesale China import

You can choose from thousands of products and good wholesale source from China, which is referred to as the world’s factory. You must select products that you can earn from if you want to run a profitable China wholesale business.

For those of you considering launching a China wholesale business, consider the following helpful advice:

  • You should know your niche well
  • If you have just began your China wholesale business, then start small 
  • Start by dealing with any low-risk product
  • Create a close working relationship with the China sourcing agent as well as Chinese suppliers 
  • Learn about Chinese business culture 
  • Never compromise on quality
  • Be careful while signing your sales agreement 


It is not simple to launch a wholesale China business—or any other kind of business, for that matter. No doubt, it is nice idea to explore good wholesale source from China, however, if you can reduce any risks of sourcing from China with proper planning then the advantages of buying goods from China frequently exceed the drawbacks.

The majority of your concerns about purchasing from China can be alleviated by the right China sourcing agent. They may assist in managing a sizable portion of your business, from locating trustworthy and skilled manufacturers to handling quality control and logistics.

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